Welcome to the VBS 2019 Test Server

To submit a result please send an HTTP POST request to the following URI:


with the following URL parameters:
An exemplary submission URI could look like this:


or like this (alternative optional format for AVS tasks):


Important notes:
Action Logging:
Last year we introduced a rudimental interaction logging, so we can perform a more detailed analysis after the competition.
At VBS 2019, we refined the logging mechanism as follows:
Test scene:
For testing purposes, please try to find one of the following scenes (one textual, one visual) and submit your answer according to the instructions above.
The response will tell you if the submission is correct. If it is wrong, it provides additional information about what is wrong.
Also don't forget to include an interaction log in the HTTP POST body.

Scene 1 (Textual)

A man with two boys entering a comic book store, they are greeted by the owner. People inside and outside the store cheering.
A group of boys wearing blue Dodgers and Royals shirts.
The store owner wears black and has grey hair.

Scene 2 (Visual)

Bernd Münzer, ITEC, Klagenfurt University, 2016-2018